Gaps in Details flyout in Modern UX when sizing 'Large String - Plain Text' field


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In the Modern UX details flyout when sizing (enlarge) 'Large String - Plain Text' fields, the size set in the configure screen is not reflected when the user comes out of the Edit view and instead a large gap is left.


1. Create a sub object of a project object, ensure 'API Enabled' checkbox is ticked
2. Create two attributes with datatype set as 'Large String - Plain Text'
3. Navigate to Modern UX Blueprint, create a copy of the 'Standard Project' and rename it.
4. Open the newly newly created Blueprint from the step above and go into the Edit mode.
5. Click on 'Modules' tab and drag and drop the project sub object created in step one from left side of the page to the right.
6. Click on 'Publish' button.
7. Navigate to Projects Grid page and associate the Blueprint to a project.
8. Open the Project and click on the sub object module. Create a few instances of the sub project.
9. In the grid list for sub object instance, highlight an instance and click on the 'Details' to display flyout page.
10. Click on 'Configure' link and resize the 'Large String - Plain Text' fields.

Expected Results:

Resized'Large String - Plain Text' to remain intact after coming out of the configure page.

Actual Results:

Resized 'Large String - Plain Text' shrink in size and creates blank spaces around the attribute




Release : 15.9.2

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


Resolved in version 15.9.3