LLDP Discovery Connection issue


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum is no discovering device's connections.

The following error was found in the $SPECROOT/SS/ADiscDebug_yyyymmdd_hhmmss file:

Jun 07 12:11:45   LLDP device_name/0x151219: failed to read LLDP lldpRemTable.  Error = 1


In case of certain model types (model type handles 0x3b80008 , 0x3b80007, 0x5240000 and 0x2c60022), we read lldpRemTable as scalar instances. In the case of scalar instances, zero will be appended at the end to the OID and get-request flows to the device. In the case of other model types, lldpRemTable is read treating it as a table and get-next-request flow to the device.

If disable_time_filter=true parameter is used in $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file, then lldpRemTable is read as scalar instances for all model types . 

Customer is using the flag disable_time_filter=true the in .vnmrc file. Because of this Spectrum is reading lldpRemTable as scalar instances using get-request. In this case, the device is responding with "no such instances"  causing table read failure. 


Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Discovery & Modeling


Removing this flag or making it false in the .vnmrc file will solve the issue. Also need to stop/start the SpectroSERVER application to put the change in place.