Unable to communicate with storage array alpha0 when running SMcli


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Security Analytics


The Security Analytics sensor needs to be able to communicate with the external NetApp storage arrays.  When running any SMcli command, the following error message may come back:

"Unable to communicate with storage array alpha0 and initialize its Array Management software.

Possible causes include:  (1) The storage array is turned off,  (2) The storage array is disconnected, or (3) The maximum number of TCP/IP connections to the storage array has been reached."

SMcli failed


  • Restart the agent and monitor services from the CLI:
    • systemctl restart smagent
    • systemctl restart smmonitor
  • Check all physical connections between the Security Analytics sensor and the storage array.  
  • Confirm the cabling between the sensor and storage is correct as per the documentation.
  • As a last resort, reboot the sensor.