Spectrum Not Processing SNMP v3 INFORM Traps


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CA Spectrum


I am having issues regarding SNMP v3 Trap from a particular device.  

It appears the trap, which is coming as an SNMPv3 INFORM PDU, is failing to process in Spectrum. 

Via TCPDUMP, I can see the SNMP Packet being received.

  • First packet is an SNMPv3 "INFORM"
  • Next packet is an SNMP "Report" for usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs. 



When using SNMP v3 INFORMs the SNMP engine on the destination is Authoritative and thus requires the sender to
   include the SpectroSERVER's SNMP engine ID in the INFORM. Without including the SpectroSERVERs SNMP
   engine ID the INFORM will not be processed. 

Note: This is the reverse of SNMP v3 Polling whereby the SpectroSERVER needs to send the devices SNMP engine
    ID in the v3 poll as the snmp agent on the target device is authoritative


Release : 10.x, 20.x, 21.x

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


The device sending the SNMP v3 INFORM needs to include the SpectroSERVERs SNMP Engine ID in the INFORM either
   by auto negotiation (which typically involves sending an empty v3 get-request, processing the returned report pdu taking the engine id from
   it and then issuing the INFORM) or by manually configuring the device with the SpectroSERVERs engine ID.

The SpectroSERVER's Engine ID can be found in the $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file