OneClick Client Supported JRE Version - unable to set older version


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CA Spectrum


In the OneClick Web configuration when selecting 'OneClick Client Configuration' under Administration there is an
  option to enter allowed JRE versions. The configuration will not allow for a version older than the installed version
  of Spectrum ships with. When attempting to add an older version the following error is shown:

  Version must be at least 1.8.0_xxx  (where xxx is the current version Spectrum ships with)


For stability reasons and for security OneClick will not allow for a version older than what is being used by the
  current installed version of Spectrum.



Release : 10.4.x, 20.2, 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick


The ideal solution would be to upgrade the JRE version on the client system, however, this is not always possible. The 
   restriction cannot be changed on the OneClick side but in most cases, JRE will still allow the console to launch after
   prompting about an out of date JRE and that the application wants a later version.

Java version check (Select Later)


Java warning that OneClick wants a later version of JRE than what is installed (Click Run with Latest Version)