Data from C++ agent are not properly shown in ATC
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Data from C++ agent are not properly shown in ATC


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


This case has been opened for our customer. Actually client is running APM 10.7, but change to DX APM 2*.* is planned.

  1. Metric names created by the C++ agent do not conform to the APM standard, e.g. “SuperDomain|XJ7|Infrastructure|APM-InfrastructureAgent_10.7|Frontends|Apps|XX|YYY:Overall Average Response Time (in ms)“ instead of “…:Average Response Time (ms)”. Therefore, metrics are not shown in ATC map for GENERICFRONTEND nodes as the default mapping does not match the metric name.
  2. No “URLs” part in the metric name. Therefore, experiences are not properly created.
  3. No other blamepoint metrics are created (RPI, EPI, Stalls, CI).
  4. Hostname and Port are part of the APM_FRONTEND_BEGIN API and not of the APM_BACKEND_BEGIN API! Therefore, hostnames clutter the map but provide no real value as nodes named “Apps|{applicationName}|{hostname}” are created which make absolutely no sense .






Release : 10.7.0

Component : Integration with APM


Enhancement Request submitted