OBS Unique id in DWH
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OBS Unique id in DWH


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We see the OBS Names in the DWH, but not the OBS IDs. These are defined in Administration -> OBS -> {Specific OBS} -> OBS Units -> {Specific OBS Unit}. Where can we find these IDs in DWH?


Version: 15.9.2


The ID information is not available in DWH. However, the OBS Unit Internal ID is made available consistently. These IDs correspond to the ID column of the prj_obs_units table in the PPM schema. They are named as obs_unit_key (or parent_obs_unit_key or child_obs_unit_key) in the DWH.

Further, the name and ID of OBS units within an OBS have to be unique. So, we can filter for the OBS Type (to narrow down upon a specific OBS), and then filter on the OBS Unit name itself since it already serves a similar purpose as the ID.