MSP: Folders the MSP addin accesses
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MSP: Folders the MSP addin accesses


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What folders do the Microsoft Project (MSP) add-in access as part of opening / saving a project? 


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The Scheduler connect program formats the project as an .xml file, then the Microsoft interface opens the .xml file and saves it as an .mpp file. Both the .mpp file and .xml files are stored in the Classic Clarity database. (This is referenced at: Open a Project in Microsoft Project)

It will save / download the msp and xml files in two locations, your MSP Default save directory, and also a tmp folder. 

  1. Both the .mpp file and .xml files will get exported to your default MSP save location. The xml may get deleted after you close the project.
  2. The mpp and xml also get downloaded into a tmp folder. If your default MSP Save location is your documents folder, the mpp and xml also get downloaded to documents\tmp directory.
  3. The MSP connector logs are also accessed and updated as part of opening/saving. These files are located in the logs folder in your default MSP Save location, so since my default save location for MSP files is "Documents", the log files in Documents\logs are accessed and updated as applicable. More information on the log files in this folder are at: MSP: Logging available in the MSP new driver

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