APM Alert definition configuration settings
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APM Alert definition configuration settings


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Please refer to the “alert definition” screen shot:

My interpretation of this alert configuration is:

Resolution value of 6 minutes is the length of 1 period; therefore, a caution alert will be issued if the caution threshold has been below 30% for 30 consecutive minutes within a 90-minute rolling window.

Is that understanding of this alert definition correct? If this understanding is not correct, please share how I should interpret the alert.

If the understanding is correct, please see the screenshot, “recorded metrics”.

I received a Caution alert at 7:36am:

Message: The alert CM - Capacity Kubernetes CPU Request Deviation - Namespaces has breached the MAJOR threshold of 30
Metric Name: SuperDomain|HOSTNAME|ClusterDeployment|Infrastructure Agent|Kubernetes|Namespaces|configconnector-operator-system:CPU Request Deviation
Metric Value: 8
Severity: major
Alarm type: Application
Alarm ID: 330xxxxxxx.com-610xxxx0c-a8ed-467c-9a23-06b22e8389e8-xxxxxx
Product: Application Performance Management
Product version: 990026)

The preceding 30 minutes show the metric value moving above and below the threshold. I do not understand why an alert would be issued if my understanding is correct as explained about.


Release : 20.2

Component : Introscope


An alert will be issued if the caution threshold has been below 30% for any 5 periods below threshold during the last 15 periods (6 minutes is the length of 1 period).

If the purpose is to only get an alert if there is consecutive threshold breach past 30 minutes, then we need to set the following.

"Periods Over Threshold" 5 and "Observed Periods" 5.

Please review the following information.


Review under Configure Simple Alert Settings
Step 6 explains the Periods Over Threshold and Observed Periods fields.