Where clause invalid constraint on stored query
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Where clause invalid constraint on stored query


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


Creating a filter on task and receiving a strange error on the following where clause.

status != \'WAIT\' and status != \'REOPWAIT\' and status.allow_task_update = 1 and group = U\'14554DA192937D4FB2AE27029D5FE50E\' and assignee is null and cr.category = \'pcat:504298\'

Error: Impossible to resolve status.allow_task_update 


Release : 17.2

Component : Svc Desk Database


Stored queries are applied to a specific table, the "Type" field in the screencaps displayed.  The original stored query runs the given where clause on the "Request Workflow Task" table.  However, the new stored query being used is trying to apply to the "Request" table.  The "Request" table's status field has no link to the "allow_task_update" attribute, but the "Request Workflow Task" Table's status field does have a link to the "allow_task_update" attribute.