Is the overall thread group average response time calculated and reported on BlazeMeter Performance reports


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Is the overall thread group average response time calculated and report on any performance reports or are only element average response times calculated and reported?


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The Average Response time that appears on the different BlazeMeter performance reports are documented in the following articles:

Summary Report
Timeline Report
Response Stats Report

In all cases, the reported Response time is the average amount of time from the first byte sent to the server to last byte received at the client side.

The Summary page reports the Average Response time for all requests made from all labeled elements configured in the JMX script.

The other 2 reports allow you to view the response metrics down to the labelled element level.

The current design does not provide a means of calculating/reporting the overall thread group average response time.  The reports only show the calculated average response time for the labeled elements.  Please note that if the same label for elements is used in multiple thread groups, then the metrics for these samplers will be grouped together in the Timeline and Request Stats report under the configured element label.  For example, if there is a sampler with the default name of "HTTP Request" in 3 different Thread Groups contained in a JMeter JMX script, then the metrics for these 3 requests will be merged together under the "HTTP Response" element label and the average response time will be for these requests from all three thread groups.