Service Desk Manager 17.3 - Change Calendar Adding Hard Coded Dates


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Out of the box, the Service Desk Manager (SDM) Change Calendar form has the following resource definition


There might be a business requirement to alter the resource value to show inactive changes, as well as active ones, and does not display change orders where the closure code has been set to "Unsuccessful" (code 400001).

The updated resource value used is: 

$cgi?OP=SEARCH_RETURN_ALL+SID=$SESSION.SID+FID=123+FACTORY=chg+HTMPL=list_chgsched.htmpl+QBE.EQ.KEEP.isHierSearch=0+schedInitialView=30+init=1+ADDITIONAL_WHERE=(sched_start_date>0 AND (closure_code != 400001 OR closure_code is null))

After upgrading to SDM 17.3, the form is not working the same as in previous SDM versions.

It seems that the Change Calendar truncates the Chang Orders displayed. When you look at the filter, notice that there are hard-coded dates in the Additional Search Arguments, in addition to the arguments about the closure_code. 

These hard-coded dates do not change when you navigate to the next month.


Due to McAfee HIPS SQL Injection detection added in SDM 17.3, need to update the resource value with braces/brackets so that the operators (AND) are inside the braces/brackets.


Service Desk Manager 17.3

All Supported Operating Systems


Based on the example provided above, update the Change Calendar Resource value to the following:

$cgi?OP=SEARCH_RETURN_ALL+SID=$SESSION.SID+FID=123+FACTORY=chg+HTMPL=list_chgsched.htmpl+QBE.EQ.KEEP.isHierSearch=0+schedInitialView=30+init=1+ADDITIONAL_WHERE=((sched_start_date>0) AND (closure_code != 400001 OR closure_code is null))