CCS No scheduled jobs starting and APP Server service in Starting state and is not starting.


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Control Compliance Suite - App Server Service is in Starting state and will not start so we have no access to the console.  I have rebooted the Application server to try to correct but still having the same issue.  


This can be caused by a couple of  things.  Performance on the CCS Application Server, where it needs a lot of extra time to load everything from ADAM/SQL into memory.

Or it can be caused by a lack of connectivity to the SQL backend databases.


Verify the resources available on the CCS Application Server are sufficient to run CCS.

Verify that the AppServer has connectivity/access tot he backend SQL Server(s)/DB's.

The AppServer will eventually startup, or it will fail to start.  If it fails to start the reason for this failure will be logged in the AppServer log files.