Xtraction 2021.2 - Defects Addressed
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Xtraction 2021.2 - Defects Addressed


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CA Service Desk Manager - Xtraction


Defects/issues addressed in the recent Xtraction 2021.2 release


Xtraction 2021.2

All Supported Windows Operating Systems


Defect # Title
498428 When exporting to Excel, the formatting is not being exported 
665463 Templates are generated incorrectly 
693114 Clicking on Details button in Xtraction Settings displays Invalid License despite the license being valid 
771957 Export/Import of User Folders Crashes Xtraction 
780929 Percentages are not exported when 'Show Percent (Series/Row/Col) is selected in the options
783236 Data Model Editor crashes when adding fields to a table via Database Lookup, if the Table uses an expression rather than a table name 
783522 Exporting to XLSX does not respect date format 
787051 URLs in exported PDF / HTML / DOCX files are incorrect 
788507 Leading zeros are stripped from numerical string values when exported to XLSX format 
788829 Exported components do not fill the page as expected if no template is used 
790837 Alert colours are not exported to documents in any file format - Series level only 
793572 Exporting a large record list to a DOCX file is much slower than exporting to XLSX. Time is much longer than in Flash versions 
793986 When the Default Time Colors in Administration > Settings contains no colors, no colours can be added and Time components do not load 
793992 No Created date and time at the bottom of an exported file - of a List - Created date is embedded into all charts 
794024 Document with a Text component and a Parameter shows an incomplete dialog box with Dialog componentParameterInputTitle as the title bar 
797101 When a series for a bar or column chart has been set as a specific colour, you only get the Filter Components and View Records menu when clicking the first or last item in the chart 
797128 Time component with multiple series with different filters on each cause an error when clicking View Records 
797445 When exporting Pivot component with multiple pivot rows to XLSX or DOCX, each item of data in the columns has a trailing space 
803486 Data containing backslash will be reformatted on export from a Pivot Grid 
804592 No View Records functionality on the data points on a Time > Line or Time > Area chart 
806239 When a component has many series and you click on the blue 'i' to edit it, there is no scroll bar to get to the series at the bottom of the list 
809043 Errors when using View Records to drill into a calculated series in Time or Tree components 
809103 AM / PM drop-down list does not work correctly in Scheduled Tasks dialog box 
812789 'Input string was not in a correct format' error when exporting a Tree component 
813917 If the Default Columns have been set for a user or globally, exporting from View Records screen does not respect these and instead exports all the columns in the data model 
814761 Record List Multi-Sort Ordering Issue 
814764 Fixed Date Filter Bugs 
819519 NTFS permissions set incorrectly on the Xtraction installation folders

Additional Information

It is recommended to test all upgrades in a non-PROD environment first