System error "Communication error : Problem performing operation on queue."
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System error "Communication error : Problem performing operation on queue."


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CA Business Service Insight


Errors of the following kind are seen in the CA Business Service Insight log. What do they mean, and how can they be resolved?

Level ID: E
Code: wc00e0027
Message: System Error
Reporter object: TaskHost
Info: Communication error : Problem performing operation on queue.
Queue: "OG Alerts"
Operation: "Send Message"
Error: Unknown error 0xC00E0027
Additional error information:
Code:          0xc00e0027
Explanation:   Returned when there are insufficient resources (for example, not enough memory) to complete the operation. When this error is returned the operation fails.[EventReporter: Report]

File name: EventReporter.cpp
Line number 94



Release : 8.35

Component : CA Business Service Insight


These errors mean that the Message Queue has run out of space. Increasing the maximum size for it in Windows will solve the error. This defaults to 1GB - we recommend 2GB.

To do this, open Computer Management, go to Services and Applications, right-click Message Queuing and increase the memory from its current 1GB to 2GB