Slowness when generating CA Risk Authentication Reports
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Slowness when generating CA Risk Authentication Reports


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CA Risk Authentication CA Advanced Authentication CA Advanced Authentication - Risk Authentication (RiskMinder / RiskFort)


Risk Authentication Report called Analyze Transaction Report runs very slow. It used to run fast but after upgrade it became very slow.


Release : 9.1.x

RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort) Risk Authentication


The root cause of the delay in queries is that the query gets serialized behind any parallel purge operation already in progress on ARRFSYSAUDITLOG table. The purge operation inserts records into the archive table ARRFSYSAUDITLOG_AR before it can complete the purge on ARRFSYSAUDITLOG. 


Please work with your DBA team to create the same index available on the ARRFSYSAUDITLOG table also on the ARRFSYSAUDITLOG_AR table. 

With 9.1SP1 release the report is runs as UNION ALL between the ARRFSYSAUDITLOG and ARRFSYSAUDITLOG_AR table, the later does not have same indexes so it takes time to display the results.

Additional Information

Note these indexes can be matched without any action on the Primary key.