[DBT-20010] Specified database "PROTECT" could not be started
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[DBT-20010] Specified database "PROTECT" could not be started


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Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Oracle Standard Edition 2 Data Loss Protection Oracle Standard Edition


When performing the Oracle 19c in-place upgrade, the Database Upgrade Assistant shows the following error after entering the SYS username and password



Oracle 11g upgrading to Oracle 19c
Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.1


The Oracle SYS user has special characters set in its password.


Change the SYS user's password so it does not contain any special characters.

Additional Information

The Database Upgrade Assistant log mentions the following:

INFO: Jul 23, 2021 10:43:13 AM oracle.assistants.common.lib.db.DBInfo startDatabase
INFO: Incorrect sysdba username and password.

INFO: Jul 23, 2021 10:43:13 AM oracle.assistants.dbua.util.helper.SelectDatabaseValidationHelper validateSYSDBAPrivilegies
INFO: The introduced user is SYS, therefore there is no need to validate SYSDBA privilegies

INFO: Jul 23, 2021 10:43:13 AM oracle.assistants.dbua.validation.SelectDatabaseValidator validate
INFO: Critical errors found during the validation of the selected database,interrupting the rest of the checks.

SEVERE: Jul 23, 2021 10:43:13 AM oracle.install.commons.util.exception.AbstractErrorAdvisor getDetailedMessage
SEVERE: [FATAL] [DBT-20010] Specified database "PROTECT" could not be started.
   ACTION: Start the database manually and try again.