Unable to give user privilege to create notifications
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Unable to give user privilege to create notifications


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I have a non-admin user that would like to set her own thresholds and notifications. I gave her the create da threshold profile priv and can mow see that under the admin menu when I log in as her. I also gave her the create notifications priv but I don't see it under admin menu, just the threshold option. Do I need to do something else in order for her to create her own notifications?


Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


See: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/performance-management/20-2/administrating/manage-roles-and-user-accounts/role-rights.html

The following role right will give you access to create notifications:

Create Notifications

Lets users configure email notifications using the Create/Edit Notifications wizard from the Administration, Notifications menu. Notifications are not supported for all data sources.


The option is seen when clicking on the user: