DC466015: Sequence number meaning
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DC466015: Sequence number meaning


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An ADS dialog is abending with the following messages.

0072221 12.22.40 IDMS DC466014 V104 Abort occurred in dialog V75D9013  process V75D9013  process V75D9013-PREMAP version  0001
0072221 12.22.40 IDMS DC466015 V104 At offset CB0 source sequence number 00005900
0072221 12.22.40 IDMS DC466009 V104 MODULE-067 record not found -- Unable to display source

How can the location of the error be determined?


Release : All supported releases.
Component : CA ADS


Normally the source line at the abend can be displayed in these messages.

However there are some conditions where this is not possible.

One example is, the dialog was compiled in a different CV and only the load module was migrated and the dictionary where the source is located is not available.


Use ADSORPTS to generate a report of the dialog in the source dictionary and identify the line of code by using the sequence number and process module name. In the above example they are 005900 and V75D9013-PREMAP.

Additional Information

From issue 32789424.