Spectrum OC latency with CAPC integration
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Spectrum OC latency with CAPC integration


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We are experience some performance issues, in the Oneclick console that is integrated with CAPC.

1 - Loading times to show the landscapes

2 - Loading times to show alarms

3 - Unresponsive console in general

4 - Showing a list of "unknown" models in the locater tab

Restarting Tomcat only solves some problems in the moment, but they persist.

I'm constantly seeing this error in stdout.log: (for all users)

Jun 15, 2021 14:17:41.308 (http-nio-80-exec-33) (POLL) - [email protected]: WARNING: Client lost config response: -1 - reprocessing configuration update...

By looking at the following article:


I've proceed to increase the RAM in Oneclick and also change the ModelRepository.ThrottledModelReadCount parameter.

The Oneclick server has 32Gb of RAM, 12Gb reserved to the Oneclick Web Server Memory.

Oneclick client configuration is set to 1500 Mb.

The Spectrum installation is in windows 2019 servers, Oneclick, MLS and a second SpectroServer.




Release : 20.2.7, 20.2.10

Component : Spectrum OneClick



        SPECTRUM and are the prerequisites for installation of this patch.

 This patch needs to be installed on OneClick Server.


        This is a PTF patch for the following issue:

 DE507955 Details:
  Symptom : Spectrum OneClick client shows latency and slowness and client debug console log shows lot many "clear config failed" messages.\n. 
  Resolution: Spectrum OneClick client will be swift and fast without any latency or slowness. Client debug console log will be free from "clear config failed" messages.\n. 
  (DE507955, 32740169)


Additional Information

For install 10.04.03.D147b

 DE497132 Details:
   32571307 - P2 - ca spectrum oneclick latency
  (DE497132, 32571307)