How to install an action pack without NAC restart?
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How to install an action pack without NAC restart?


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)



 Is there a way we can upload action packs to NAC without a restart. As we have lot of custom action packs and we would like to upload them and restarting of NAC is not a viable option for us.

Please note we can't use upload action pack of ROC as we can't access internet in our PROD environment.



Release : 6.7



The most recommended way is described in the document "Installing Action Packs in Release Automation" (document link below). However, in some scenario like PROD environment where RA can't access internet and uploading action pack manually requiring a NAC restart is not feasible, the below method can be opted. Please follow step below

1: Download the action-pack you want to upload to RA

2: In this example we have create a RA Process to upload action pack. This process just do two simple actions configured as described below.

  • Download the action pack to location NAC_INSTALL_DIR\uploadActions. You can use any of action from RA like "Get File or Folder from agent", "Download file form FTP", "Download File from HTTP" etc. Make sure that the action pack download in step-1 can be accessed via agent and can be download to mentioned location.
  • Post action pack is present in uploadActions directory on NAC, make a REST call to JMX syncWithRepository method to synch the action pack. The successful invocation of this call will move the action pack from uploadActions directory to actionslib directory on NAC and also synching it with Nexus Repository.

Parameters used in REST Action are

    • ​​URL - http://​NAC-HOST-NAME:​JMX-PORT/invoke?operation=syncWithRepository&objectname=noliocenter%3Atype%3Dinfo&value0=true&type0=java.lang.Boolean
    • Method - GET
    • Expected Code - 200
    • Authentication - BASIC
    • Username
    • Password
    • Use Preemptive Authentication - true


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