Updating DEVTEST VS with new RR pairs is not working
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Updating DEVTEST VS with new RR pairs is not working


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Service Virtualization


Facing issues using Service Virtualization API V3 call for updating the existing Virtual Service and here are the steps followed:

. Created a VS in Workstation which has many transactions.
. When try to add a valid RR pair with Update Virtual Service POST /vses/{vseName}/services/{virtualServiceName} call in Postman, getting a valid response but sometimes:
  - An error thrown "Transaction number doesn't have any response" and can't do any updates.
  - Deletes the existing transactions.
  - VS will be redeployed but will not update.

Using the patch lisa-virtualize-invoke-10.6.0-DE506186.war in Devtest_Home/webserver/patches folder.


Release : 10.6

Component : CA Service Virtualization


When any of the below are performed, it causes issues while updating VS's.
. Using of invalid RR pairs.
. VSI Response have empty body tags.
. Merging of VSI's in Workstation.


Please open a support case and refer to DE507742. We have a patch that resolves the issue. 

How to fix the empty responses in existing VSI:
Edited the VSI file in Notepad
Searched the empty response with </m>\r\n</rp>
Replaced with </m><bd chs="UTF-8">{&#13;&#10;&#9;&#13;&#10;}</bd>\r\n</rp> .
Now the empty responses will have {}

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