NetMaster Command character
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NetMaster Command character


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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


How / where do I specify the command prefix  for NM ? 

on our system it is using '>'  ... I would like to use another command prefix.


running z/OS 2.3 

NM 12.2


Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


You will need to UPDATE the parameter group - 

     Category      Group ID          Short Description                          
 u                 $RM OPSYSIDS      Operating System Identifiers      *Update* 
                   $SN SNAINIT       NetMaster for SNA Init Process             


Then change the AOM SSI command Prefix String to what you want it be - 

|  AOM SSI Command Prefix String ......  >         (Blank for no CMD prefix)      |


Then PRESS PF6 ACTION - to make the change.

Then press PF5 ILOG (to view the log)


As an example you should see something like - 

11.25.14 IAIN0126 Processing for parameter group $RM OPSYSIDS started                     
11.25.14 IAIN0177 SYSPARM AOMSSID already set to CS81                                     
11.25.14 Sysparm AOMCMDPF=CS81>                                                           
11.25.14 N12804 SYSPARMS AOMCMDPF=CS81> OPERAND ACCEPTED.                                 
11.25.14 IAIN0182 AOM SSI Command Prefix changed from CS811> to CS81>                     
11.25.14 IAIN0177 SYSPARM AOMSUPCH already set to /                                       
11.25.14 Sysparm AOMJESCH=$                                                               
11.25.14 N12804 SYSPARMS AOMJESCH=$ OPERAND ACCEPTED.                                     
11.25.14 N85602 AOM IS ACTIVE (RUNNING) STARTED: 21/07/22 06.10.56.                       
11.25.14 N85603 AOMPROC=$RMAOMP CMDPROC=NO TABLE=COMMANDS($RMAOMT)                        
11.25.14 RMINWI44 GLOBAL VARIABLE GLBL$RM$JES SET TO JES2                                 
11.25.14 IAIN0178 Processing for parameter group $RM OPSYSIDS ended, status is COMPLETED