Endevor LL command getting a NoDsnFnd error
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Endevor LL command getting a NoDsnFnd error


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A user received a NoDsnFnd message after creating an element. 

Tried deleting the element and recreate it, then ran a generate.

User is still unable to display the listing.






Release : 18.0  18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The LL Listings are created by the processor CONLIST utility. 


There are various reasons for a NoDsnFnd error displaying LL Listings:

1)  The Processor Group definition for the Type has *NOPROC* specified for the processor and there is no processor output to be stored.

2)  The processor does not contain a CONLIST step to store the processor outputs in the LISTLIB.
3)  The CONLIST step in the processor was not executed.
     Review the processor output and verify the CONLIST step is not being bypassed as the result an EXECIF clause or for some other reason.