Java on Siteminder Web Agents
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Java on Siteminder Web Agents


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CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)


Security Reports may flag older versions of JAVA on some versions of the Siteminder Web Agent.  In most cases the security audit will recommend removal or upgrade of JAVA on those hosts.


Siteminder Web Agent: ANY

Operating System: ANY


The Siteminder Web Agent uses Install Anywhere to Install and Uninstall the Web Agent.  Install Anywhere bundles an older version of JAVA.  This version of JAVA is not bundled with the Siteminder Web Agent it is bundled with the version of Install Anywhere the Web Agent uses.


Upgrading JAVA is not possible since this is bundled with Install Anywhere.  Siteminder does not have a license to upgrade this product.  This is a license provided by Install Anywhere.

You can remove the JAVA installation from the host.  However, doing so will break the Web Agent Uninstaller.  JAVA will need to be restored or the Web Agent will need to be manually removed from the Server.

NOTE:  An upgrade of the Web Agent will lay down a new JAVA instance with the Install Anywhere version of that web agent.

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