AXC0752W REXX requests are being rejected!
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AXC0752W REXX requests are being rejected!


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Automation Point


Just after startup of Automation Point, there is the following message on the Automation Point servers:

AXC0752W REXX requests are being rejected!

No Rexx execs were being fired off from rules file. The box for 'Enable AXCREXX' was checked in REXX settings.


Release : 11.6 and 11.7

Component : CA Automation Point


AP didnt end the axcrexx.exe task.. This could be because of Windows maintenance, or locked by a running rexx.
This still running axcrexx.exe task is blocking then the new started AP task to start the new rexx interface task and that why it's not able to accept any new rexx.


If possible, it's recommend restarting the entire Automation Point server.
If a reboot of the entire AP server is not possible take the next steps:

  • Stop AP
  • Open Windows Task Manager
  • Select the Details tab
  • End the axcrexx.exe task
  • Start AP again

This will solve the problem