CA EARL writes SMF 89 software usage records
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CA EARL writes SMF 89 software usage records


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Created a ISV SCRT Report and it was expected to see CA EARL listed but it was not included in the ISV SCRT Report. 


Release : 15.0

Component : CA Resource Initialization Manager(Comm)


If the CA EARL product is used standalone with a license LMP Key then you have to double what libraries you execute out of. If it is the CCCSLOAD library then it is the one distributed by CA Common Services (CCS) and a license check is not done. The SMF 89 record is created during the license check from the product, the CA EARL version distributed by CCS does not have a license check so the SMF89 record was not created. 
The free CA EARL component that is used by CA-1, TLMS, CA-7, and Scheduler does not require an LMP key. Then CA EARL does not cut SMF 89 records as it is only a reporting utility. As such, the ISV SCRT Report will not be used to show free CA EARL as a product. 
However, if there is a full CA EARL installed as a licensed product then an LMP check is performed as usual for our products.