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DX Operational Intelligence



Trying to create a hostname drop-down list variable.

When creating a list with limit 1000 there are 30 results, when creating another with 2000 limit there are 39 results. 

when aggregating by hosts (to try and reduce the dataset) there are errors saying 10,000 limit (despite setting 1000 or 2000 as the limit).

Want to list all hosts as a variable.

A working variable called 'hostname' has been created.




uRelease : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations


Two similar scenarios were reviewed

For the variables, the results shown are controlled by the max results - defaults to 100 but can require up to 10000 to get all OS versions.

There is configuration for services and normally the idea would be to show hosts that belong to specific services.

A large number of hosts are not sending the service name value (does not appear to be reliable)

Wants to show all services, but have a server drop down that could show all hosts, whether or not they belong to a service.




Second scenario:

Servers drop down linked to OS drop-down.

But if a server doesn’t have the OS field set it won’t be in the server drop-down.

By having 2 tables – 1 using the OS var and 1 not, and there is a different number of servers in the 2 gauge panels used to test the numbers



There are different hosts from UIM, few do not have the osType field at all.

To mix both the scenarios and show them in the dashboard is not possible, if it is configured for osType matches .* it does not return any host with no osType attribute.

Alternatively, if osType matches 'Windows' and osType not Matches .* which would return Windows hosts + hosts with no osType registered.

But this does not solve the requirement.




The only way to solve this is to have two different panels.

One panel would show all hosts count, the other would show the hosts that match a OS selection from the filters.

So in all hosts panel, we can remove the osType filter completely

In the hosts by OS panel, we can add a matches osType as $osType.