what does the TMS STATUS command do?
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what does the TMS STATUS command do?


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CA 1 Tape Management


What is the TMS STATUS command and what does it do?




The operator command TMS STATUS returns the status of CA 1 on the specific LPAR you enter it in on. 

With maint of LU01354 it will display 

  • The state Ca1 is in.
  • If the OSI is installed
  • If Failsafe Usermod is installed
  • TMC/AUDIT dataset names
  • The threshold of the Audit dataset and DSNBs

An Example is:


See the Using Guide under OPERATOR COMMANDS for more details:


After Rel 14.0  PTF LU01354, the CA1 utility TMSCKLVL and the TMS STATUS command will now report on whether the FAILSAFE intercept is active or not when the exit is installed dynamically or via the EXIT ADD EXITNAME(OCE_VOLUMEMOUNT) MODNAME(CTS019VM)  statement in the PROGxx member of SYS1.PARMLIB. These checks will not report on the FAILSAFE intercept if installed with the CTSJUSAF usermod.