What happens in CA Scheduler when CA ENF is down
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What happens in CA Scheduler when CA ENF is down


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Scheduler Job Management


What happens to CA Scheduler's jobs if CA ENF is shut down, and Scheduler remains active. 



Release : 11.0



CA-Scheduler takes the following actions when CAIENF is shutdown:
1. Any jobs that have not yet been submitted (that is, waiting on early start time or waiting on predecessors) are marked ENFDOWN HELD.
2. For jobs that have been submitted but have not yet started, Scheduler attempts to hold the jobs in JES.  Scheduler shows the jobs as ENFDOWN HELD.
3. Any jobs that have already started are marked UNKNOWN.

When CAIENF is available again, Scheduler will:
    a. Release all jobs marked ENFDOWN HELD. Jobs that were submitted and held in JES are released.

    b. Jobs that were submitted now have a status of UNKNOWN.    

        Scheduler does not know if the job ran while CAIENF was down. If the job subsequently starts, Scheduler changes its status to STARTED.

    c. Jobs that were STARTED are checked to see if they are still running. If the jobs are still active, they are marked STARTED. Otherwise, they are left as UNKNOWN.
Note:  Any steps that finished while CAIENF was not available are not reported to Scheduler.   Scheduler can mark a job as successful when one of these steps received a bad return code.

Additional Information

CACM928 PCB IN USE FOR ASID xxxx HAS NOT BEEN CLEARED after an abnormal Scheduler shutdown: