USERNAME field change in respective tables
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USERNAME field change in respective tables


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


Our organization is in process to change of real name to U-ID

Is it possible to create a new table which convert all U id to real name by fetching the details from EMAIL fields?



SCM Harvest 13.x, 14.x


Adding an additional field into HARVEST SCHEMA  is not advisable and involves risk of future maintenance tasks and even upgrade to future release of harvest

USROBJID is one of the columns in the table HARALLUSERS
REALNAME is also one of the columns in the table HARALLUSERS


 Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 USROBJID                                  NOT NULL NUMBER
 USERNAME                                  NOT NULL VARCHAR2(32)
 LOGINDATE                                          DATE
 LASTLOGIN                                          DATE
 LOGGEDIN                                  NOT NULL CHAR(1)
 REALNAME                                           VARCHAR2(128)
 PHONENUMBER                                        VARCHAR2(32)
 EXTENSION                                          VARCHAR2(8)
 FAXNUMBER                                          VARCHAR2(32)
 ENCRYPTPSSWD                                       VARCHAR2(32)
 CREATIONTIME                              NOT NULL DATE
 CREATORID                                 NOT NULL NUMBER
 MODIFIEDTIME                              NOT NULL DATE
 MODIFIERID                                NOT NULL NUMBER
 EMAIL                                              VARCHAR2(128)
 NOTE                                               VARCHAR2(2000)



USROBJID -this field would be helpful to serve as UID [USROBJID and UID are equivalent]
USROBJID would have been automatically created when the user is created for the first time

Proposed Solution:

1.REAL NAME can be  included when a new user is created in the administrator interface.
However this remains an optional field entry when a new user is created.

2. When configuring the Harvest server , we can use INTERNAL , OPENLDAP  and MIXED authentication mode through harvest
This can be enabled through switches used in  HServer.arg at HARVEST HOME location - %CA_SCM_HOME%

Assuming you have an LDAP Server to use, this could be a proposed solution

3.If using authmode as OPENLDAP or MIXED(OPENLDAP + INTERNAL) ,then the REAL NAME value will be fetched from the LDAP server during the synchronization

4.If using authmode as INTERNAL ,then REAL NAME needs to be entered manually in the field as shown in the above screenshot # 1

Please see the below  screenshot , the real name Balakrishna is fetched from the LDAP Server during synchronization with the server



If you have LDAP Server and can use it...this can be helpful to populate the REAL NAME field