Siteminder Policy Server startup and boot scripts for RedHat 7
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Siteminder Policy Server startup and boot scripts for RedHat 7


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CA Single Sign On Federation (SiteMinder) SITEMINDER CA Single Sign-On



One might need to get a script to start the Policy Server at boot




Policy Server 12.8SP5 on RedHat 7




At first glance, Policy Server files offer a sample script for
sysVinit or OpenRC style :


which you can integrate to systemd RedHat 7 style as per documentation

It's advised to integrate it according to documentation, and then
apply one by one all custom configuration the environment might need.

Systemd scripts are restricted to root user. To run them from a
non-root user, implement sudo command. Contact the RedHat Support or
your system administrator to implement this. Here's a discussion over
the internet about the same (2).

The given configuration from our documentation insure that when
systemd script run by root, the Policy Server runs with the user
"smuser" (3).


Additional Information



    Configure Auto Startup


    How could we allow non-root users to control a systemd service?

      Just add all needed commands to sudoers separately:


     Configure Auto Startup