Specific MCS templates are not available in Operator Console
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Specific MCS templates are not available in Operator Console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have found out that some of our MCS templates are not visible in Operator Console MCS GUI. 

For example, The CPU option (Enhanced) and CPU option are not available to create monitoring profile (MCS), while other CDM templates are visible: 




Release : UIM 20.3.3

Component : UIM - MCS

cdm version - 6.60-MC


In SSRV2Template, the field 'production' is most likely set to '0' for CPU cdm templates. When production is set to 0, the template is not visible in the GUI.


1. Deactivate mon_config_service

2. Execute the following query using SQL Management Studio, using the SLM in OC or any other SQL management tool:


-- review the SSRv2template table and copy the templateid value of the template that is not visible

SELECT * from SSRV2Template WHERE probe = 'cdm'


-- Update the template 

UPDATE SSRV2Template SET production = 1 WHERE templateId = '<templateId value>'


4. Activate mon_config_service



-- The query can be edited to apply this procedure to any other template that is not visible.