Masking error when using FORMATENCRYPT1 with version 4.9.177 of FDM
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Masking error when using FORMATENCRYPT1 with version 4.9.177 of FDM


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We tried masking an Oracle database table using FORMATENCRYPT1 function in FDM and we get an error.

Although, if we remove Param 6 and 7 in the CSV file, we do not get this error.

See "masquage.log" file in the ZIP file attachment for more details

We are using version 4.9.177 of FDM

After further investigation we found that the error is caused specifically by this rule:


The error occurs when we activate (Y) the parameter MaskAsNumber (parm8). If we deactivate this parameter we don’t get any error.

Note also that we got also an error when we removed the parm6 and parm7 but kept MaskAsNumber to Y:



Release : 4.9.1

Component : CA Test Data Manager - Others


The fixed binaries are (Windows version) and FastDataMasker- (Linux version). 

Available from: TDM Support Patches