LMP Key Error after upgrading to CA-Spool V14
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LMP Key Error after upgrading to CA-Spool V14


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After upgrading CA Spool to V14, product started and appears to work, but getting below error. 

CAS9180E - CPU xxxxxx Requires a LMP key to run Prod (OC)

*CAS918A - Enforcement postponed due to the weekend.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


OC is the LMP key for the CA Spool Natural Interface. It's replaced by the OI LMP key that includes all options (except the Transformers).


The CA Spool LMP key is OI - CA Spool package. It includes all other options except the Transformers. It replaces the OA key so you don't need to have both in the keys member.


Configure and Deploy Spool - Enter the LMPKEY

Also, in the Release Notes, New Features section:

Spool Release Notes - New Features

"Portfolio Simplification
CA Spool™ Print Management now includes the following features and capabilities, which were optional features in earlier versions of CA Spool:
Interface for HP Laser printers: Supports printing of DCF files that are generated by IBM 3800-1 printers by HP-LaserJet printers and Xerox 4045 laser printers.
Interface for MAS: Allows up to 32 CA Spool systems (on the same or different CPUs) to share the same set of spool data sets. MAS also allows all CA Spool facilities to be used on all z/OS systems running CA Spool, which provides a single image view of all the CA Spool systems in the complex.
Interface for Natural: Places reports under CA Spool control without having to change a statement in NATURAL batch or online (CICS, IMS, TSO, and COMPLETE). Supports standard NATURAL DISPLAY/WRITE statements and use of the NATURAL menu system to control the print environment.
Interface for NJE: Supports communication between dissimilar job networking products through the NJE protocol. Multiple output files and jobs can be sent and received at the same time while preserving file processing options and attributes. Logs header and data information in case debugging is needed. One CA Spool system can have numerous connections to other NJE nodes.
Print Management Package: Provides all the following interfaces in addition to the CA Spool base product: interface for HP Laser, interface for MAS, interface for Natural, interface for NJE, interface for PSF, and interface for VPI.
Interface for PSF: Supports the printing of both line and AFP files on IPDS printers through PSF/MVS, HP-LaserJet printers through the MPI Tech PSS, and Xerox printers through the Xerox XPAF.
Option for VPI: Collects data that is sent by a TP-monitor (such as CICS or IMS) to a VTAM-attached printer and stores the collected data as a CA Spool file."