How are the date fields updated when a financial transaction is processed?


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There are quite a few steps for a transaction to be processed to the WIP, how are the timestamps for each action recorded in the Clarity tables?


The following example illustrates how timestamps get recorded into the date fields for each transaction through the financial workflow up to and through the PPA_WIP tables, excluding Chargebacks tables.

Timesheet is saved at 8:42:10 AM then approved at 8:56:20 AM

  • Prtimesheet.prmodtime reflects the save, and then approval action. In this case it is 8:56:20 AM
  • Prtimesheet.posted_time is null

Timesheet is posted at 9:09:03 AM

  • Prtimesheet.prmodtime = time when the job completes = 9:09:03 AM
  • Prtimesheet.posted_time=9:09:03 AM (same as the prmodtime)
  • Transaction appears with a 'New' status on the Invalid Transaction page.
  • Imp_transactionimport.importdate = 9:09:04 AM (slightly off by 1 second because of some network lag)

Note: If the transaction was created by XOG rather than a timesheet, the transaction would first arrive at imp_transactionimport with importdate being the time when XOG was completed for the transaction.

Post Transactions to Financial job is run at 9:27:38 AM

  • If the transaction is rejected: Imp_transactionimport.importdate = the time the job completes = 9:27:38 AM
  • If the transaction is not rejected, it moves out of this table, and into ppa_transcontrol with ppa_transcontrol.entrydate = ppa_transcontrol.lastupdatedate = time the job completes = 9:27:38 AM

Note: If the transaction was created by a voucher rather than a timesheet or XOG, the transaction would arrive at ppa_transcontrol with entrydate and lastupdatedate being the time when the 'Submit' button is clicked on the Transaction Entry Detail page. This transaction then can be posted to WIP. There is no need to run Post Transactions to Financial job for vouchers.

Do Post to WIP at 9:45 AM

  • ppa_wip.entrydate = 9:27:38 AM
  • ppa_wip.lastupdatedate = 9:27:38 AM * (see CLRT-63673 below)

Create a WIP adjustment/transfer/reverse, etc
NOTE: It is not recommended to perform a WIP Adjustment on transactions that originated from Timesheets to change dates or quantities or to transfer the transaction as this will cause a discrepancy between financial transaction quantities and Timesheet quantities. The 'Import Financial Actuals' job does NOT adjust any data on Timesheets. Other WIP Adjustments can be made to Timesheet financial transactions such as changing rates and costs or chargeable status.

  • Adjustment and transfer:
    • the new record in ppa_wip (status=0) has entrydate and lastupdatedate both on the time WIP approval is done, say 10:15 AM
    • the original record ppa_wip (status=2) has entrydate unchanged at 9:27:38 AM, and lastupdatedate changed to when approval is done, 10:15 AM
  • Reversal:
    • ppa_wip.status changed to 4, no new record
    • ppa_wip.entrydate unchanged at 9:27:38 AM
    • ppa_wip.lastupdatedate = time when approval is done = 10:15 AM

Additional Information: 

CLRT-63673 has been logged for the fact that the timestamp for Post to WIP isn't recorded into the ppa_wip.lastupdatedate, details as follow:


The field ppa_wip.lastupdatedate does not record the time when a transaction is posted to WIP. When a transaction is posted to WIP the lastupdatedate actually keeps the time when Post Transactions to Financial job is run. This could lead to incorrect reporting that uses the field to pull records from a certain period.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log a timesheet and enter some hours for a weekday, post the timesheet
  2. Query imp_transactionimport and see that importdate reflects the time when a record is generated by the Post Timesheets job, with status of "New"
  3. Run Post Transactions to Financial job, query ppa_transcontrol and see that lastupdatedate reflects the time when the Post Transactions to Financial job was run
  4. Do Post to WIP for this transaction
  5. Query ppa_wip.lastupdatedate

Expected Result : ppa_wip.lastupdatedate reflects the time when Post to WIP was done
Actual Result : ppa_wip.lastupdatedate still reflects the time when the Post Transactions to Financial job was run. It is unchanged from step 3

This issue has been reviewed by Development and Product Management. At this time there are no plans to make any changes to this area of the product.  For more details please review the Customer Reported Defect Resolution Policy   



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus