Scheduled exports are not delivered
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Scheduled exports are not delivered


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Information Centric Analytics


Scheduled dashboard exports are not delivered. Scheduling an export to be delivered within the next two minutes may succeed, however.

In some cases, the following error message is captured in the table RiskFabric.ScheduledExport_TasksHistory:

Cannot access a disposed object.  Object name: 'Chromium process; EndPoint=; State=Disposed'.


Release : 6.x

Component : Scheduled Exports


Internet Information Services (IIS) requires a running worker thread in order for scheduled exports to run. If enabled, the setting Idle Time-out (minutes) will idle-out all threads when there's no activity after the specified period of time.


Modify the value of the setting Idle Time-out (minutes) in IIS for the RiskFabric application pool from 20 to 0 (disabled):

  1. On the Information Centric Analytics application server, open the Internet Information Services Manager
  2. In the Connections pane, select Application Pools
  3. In the list of Application Pools, right-click the pool named RiskFabricAppPool and select Advanced Settings
  4. In the Advanced Settings window in the Process Model section, locate the setting Idle Time-out (minutes) and change its value to 0
  5. Click the OK button
  6. Right-click the RiskFabricAppPool and select Recycle

In some cases, disabling the Idle Time-out setting is insufficient to correct this behavior. This is most common when ICA is being used solely to generate reports. Under these circumstances, you must enable and configure the IIS sub-feature Application Initialization. Instructions for doing so are provided in the following Microsoft document:

NOTE: URL last verified on February 19, 2024