Changing GJCASE and CAGJLMDU clarification
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Changing GJCASE and CAGJLMDU clarification


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This article describes how to change GJCASE from MIXED to UPPER without re-running the whole configuration process, and how to implement CAGJLMDU if using GJCASE=UPPER.


 Release: 19.0

Component: CA IDMS/DB


Please follow the below steps.

1.Run another CAISAG with GJCASE set to UPPER but also change BEGINMEM to something else (UPP for example) so do not  override the original generated jobs. The generated job UPP03 will contain a step LNKENVDU in place of the LNKENVDM step that is in the original JOB03.Run the step.

2.Place the *.CAGJLMDU library ahead of *.CAGJLOAD in any of  execution JCL (e.g. CDMSLIB in CV and STEPLIB in batch jobs).

Point 2 above is something which needs to done even if you had originally run  configuration with GJCASE set to UPPER, and this fact is not documented anywhere in the standard TechDocs online documentation. It was only in the r18 Release Notes.