SDC stopped to forward traps to device models
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SDC stopped to forward traps to device models


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CA Spectrum


The customer has a Spectrum Landscape in place, which only monitors devices via one SDC.
This worked well all the time but yesterday the VNM stopped to forward all traps to the device models. The VNM generated Events like this
" Trap 6.6 received via Secure Domain Connector from unknown SNMP device with IP address and SNMP community string '#v2/SNMP-trap'. Trap identifier"

That  means the traps reached the SDM/VNM successfully. It happened for SNMP v2 and v3 devices.
The devices were reachable via SNMP, Get' and Responses worked properly.
The device search in the  Explorer Tab and the Searches in the Locater Tab found the IP addresses and jumped to the specific models in the Universe.'
Only the VNM was not able to find the IP'S during trap processing. The SDC was restarted for some time without changing the situation.

After the Primary was stopped and restarted, the problem was gone. All the traps are reaching the device models again.



Release : 10.3.x,  10.4.x, 21.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Customer has 2 SDC´s configured on the same SDC server


After further checks we saw that the customer had two SDC´s configured on the same SDC host.  After the duplicate SDC configuration was removed everything was working properly again.

Additional Information

It is possible to setup fault tolerant SDC´s and this can be accomplished by following this link.


SDC Fault Tolerance