How do you resolve VISION:Inquiry message IXX0142 .. NO SPACE IN DIRECTORY?
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How do you resolve VISION:Inquiry message IXX0142 .. NO SPACE IN DIRECTORY?


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This article describes the steps needed to increase the VISION:Inquiry directory.


To increase the VISION:Inquiry directory:

  1. Run the VISION:Inquiry unload utility,
  2. Define and initialize a new system database with an increased number of directory blocks,
  3. Run the VISION:Inquiry load utility to load the unloaded system database.

Depending on the system database type, we have sample JCL in the VISION:Inquiry CNTL directory for this purpose.

The sample unload utility JCL is called IMSUNLD, DB2UNLD, or VSAMUNLD.

The sample load utility JCL which also has the JCL for definition and initialization of the system database, is called IMSLOAD, DB2LOAD, or VSAMLOAD.

These are JCL samples and you need to customize for your site as needed before submitting.

Another useful utility is the VISION:Inquiry statistics utility which gives the statistics about your system database such as elements defined and available/used space. The sample JCL for this utility is IMSSTAT, DB2STAT, and VSAMSTAT.

We strongly recommend you run the statistics first. The output will help you recognize the element that use the space most and also verify the system database does not have any bad pointers or blocks of information.

Any return code other than 0 for the statistics output needs to be checked to make sure the system database is not corrupted.


Release: VSNIQC00200-6.5-VISION:Inquiry-for CICS