Jobs fails with " ucxj???m: No such file or directory " errors
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Jobs fails with " ucxj???m: No such file or directory " errors


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CA Automic One Automation


After upgrading to 12.x from an earlier version (11.x or before), there is a job that fails with the following report:

[full path to agent temp directory]/JXXXXXXX.TXT: line 4: [full path to agent bin directory]/ucxj???m: No such file or directory

This only happens with one job and happens every time it runs.  

The ucxj???m exists, as jobs run fine in all other jobs

:DATA function is being used multiple times in the Process tab

Not all :DATA lines are used in the Process tab (some were there as generic process lines to be used in all jobs, but did not actually get used).


Release : 12.1



This appears to be caused by a "corrupt" job definition.  There are a few steps that resolved this in the case that was reported:

To resolve this:

  • In a test system, removed unnecessary :DATA function lines from the Process tab
  • Created a brand new job with all the same info/attributes/scripting
  • Exported the new job and re-imported, overwriting the old "corrupted" job