Inactive employees planned allocations are removed from staff and financial plans
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Inactive employees planned allocations are removed from staff and financial plans


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For resources marked inactive in Clarity, the planned allocations are removed for the period they were active in the project in the Staffing / Team section of projects. This also then impacts the Financial Plan section of the Modern User Experience (UX). It's expected that allocations should still show up until their termination date. 


Release : 15.9.2



This is due to the availability being deleted for the resource. Since Allocation is calculated based on Availability, if there is no availability for the resource, the allocation is calculated as 0. See Allocation calculation for resources for more details.

Availability is not possible to delete from the Clarity UI, so this can be due to resource adaptor or integration.


To fix impacted resources:

Set the Resource Availability for the resource back to 8 (or the default amount for resources):

  1. In Classic Clarity, go to Home->Resources and click on the Resource
  2. Update the Availability amount to 8
  3. Click Save. Note: Once it is set, you will be unable to change it to 0 / delete it from the Clarity UI

Update the allocations for the resource on impacted projects. Steps for Modern UX below:

  1. Navigate to a project in the Modern UX
  2. Click on the Staff tab / module
  3. Add the default allocation field to the column list
  4. Populate the default allocation with the desired amount (IE 50% or 100%). You can also:
    • Update the Totals Allocation amount, which will spread the allocation in all periods the resource is available (taking into account their start/finish date on the project and their termination date in Clarity)
    • Alternatively, you can manually populate the desired amounts into the respective periods using Per Period Metrics 

To prevent the issue from happening with further resources:

The adaptor/integration would need to be updated to make sure it does not blank out / delete resource availability going forward for any termed users. 

Additional Information

For detailed information on allocation and availability calculation see: Allocation, %Allocation, and Availability calculation overview