How can i download or List the Policies in our Gateway
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How can i download or List the Policies in our Gateway


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CA API Gateway


We have above 150 policies, how can i download the list of the policies we have. Any command that can help. We are on AWS and use RDS in this case. 


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


There are a few ways to get info from the SSG DB 

Option 1. Restman API - need to Internal service “Gateway REST Management Service”

URI that returns policy sorted by name (note: it include all parameters, save to a file and grep for Name 


Option 2. The other method would be JDBC query (NOTE need to access your mysql 8.0 RDS instance then run the query) 

Simple mysql query to retrieve all names in the policy table 

mysql> select name from ssg.policy order by name


OPTION 3  The GMU seem the best approach, (Note the list will include ALL policies including fragments as you can see)

GMU is another one example:  Need to encode the password;

C:\GMU>GatewayMigrationUtility.bat list --host <gatyeway_hostname> --trustCertificate -u admin -x <password>  -t policy



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