Scratching/Deleting a single file on Multifile Volser
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Scratching/Deleting a single file on Multifile Volser


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CA 1 Tape Management



I have one Volser that contains multiple files and the files have a mix of retention dates.

What is the best process to delete/Scratch one single file from the TMC and System catalog.

Is there another option besides COPYCAT FILES=ACTIVE, or would I run into chaining errors and potentially create Pointer errors?


Augusto Viteri


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


We do not recommend that you manually break chains as it will cause pointer errors. If you are wanting to have the EXPDT reflect it is in the past for a DSNB you can use  TMSUDSNB to update the EXPDT to a past date.  If it's for the 1st file of the tape then you would use TMSUPDTE but if you manually update the 1st file you will cause the entire tape to expire when this is met regardless of EXPDT of the secondary files.   The files  will not be uncataloged until the tape scratches if UNCATA=YES.

If the files are already expired you can use COPYCAT  with the FILES=ACTIVE.  and copy only the active files to free up the DSNBs that are expired.