Client Automation - DSM reports show only 100,000 rows
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Client Automation - DSM reports show only 100,000 rows


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Sometimes the report generated using the DSM Reporter may contain more than 100,000 rows but the resulting report contains only 100,000 rows.


Client Automation - All Versions


This is not a product limitation, but a configuration setting with default value 100,000. It can be changed in the DSM Reporter Global Preferences using the following steps:

  • Open the DSM Reporter and go to the Tools menu.

  • Select 'Preferences'

  • Click on the 'Global Settings' tab.

  • Under the 'Result rows displayed in User Interface' option select the desired value. (Default 100000)

  • Click 'OK'.

  • Close the DSM Reporter and open it again.

Additional Information

You must be logged on as either the local administrator or the Domain Administrator account. Any other account , even if a member of the administrator groups will not be able to change this setting.