Moving Processors (TYPE PROCESS) between Endevor environments
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Moving Processors (TYPE PROCESS) between Endevor environments


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Would like to implement a lifecycle for the Endevor ADMIN elements to match the lifecycle for standard development.  The lifecycle will consist of a Development(coding) stage, a system testing stage, a QA stage, a Certification/pre-prod staging stage and finally in to PROD stage. The PROD Stage will be where the customizations are active for all Develop,emt users.  Under one or more of these intermediate stages we will be having a Endevor test Environment. 

The issue is that in this scenario is is possible to code the processors in the Development stage and migrate them to the next stage via package moves.  This has been attempted with a processor and received and error that it is not allowed to move  a Type PROCESS to another environment.    Is there some way to allow processors to be moved through a lifecycle?


Release : 18.0 18.1 

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager



Processors do not and cannot follow the same lifecycle as normal elemens or  ADMIN type elements.  Processors can only reside in your Production environment and cannot be mapped.

For more information on implementing processor use the link below: