DX NetOps Performance Management Spectrum Integration through a Spectrum migration
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DX NetOps Performance Management Spectrum Integration through a Spectrum migration


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The Spectrum environment, including the OneClick web server hosts, are being migrated to new hardware along with an upgrade to the latest release.

We took the following steps but had trouble with the integration post migration. To resolve it we had to reset the integration fully. Is there a better way to manage this?

  1. The SSdb's were migrated from the old SS systems to the new SS hosts and the OC hosts were installed.
  2. Disabled the Event Integration via the Spectrum OneClick admin site
  3. In the DX NetOps Portal we disabled the Spectrum Data Source and then deleted the Spectrum Data Source.
  4. When the Spectrum Data Source no longer appeared in the Manage Data Sources page it shows it was successfully deleted.
  5. Added the Spectrum Data Source again using the new OneClick host details.

After this the main problem observed were items not fully synced between tools. There were many models in Spectrum that did not get the CAPC_Item_Id attribute value set, and many showed Events indicating an Alarm for a PM Event was not able to be properly associated to it's Spectrum model.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


When the SSdb migration took place, it was done before the Spectrum Data Source was deleted in the Performance Management Portal. This resulted in the integration created Domain based GCs in Spectrum remaining from the old Data Source.

These need to be deleted and recreated via the integration code for them to work with a new Data Source (the re-added Data Source is considered a new one).


For the future, what could have been done to avoid this while migrating Spectrum from old to new environments?

  1. Duplicate the SS systems from old to new including moving the SSdb for each.
  2. Duplicate the OC systems including the netqos_integ DB copied from old to new OC host
  3. Change the IP/hostname in PC for the Spec DS to the new OC host

Additional Information

Another impact from deleting and adding the Spectrum Data Source again? All synchronized Spectrum GCs will be assigned new ItemID values in the PC DB through the 'new' data source. As a result any Group Rules referencing the GCs, or Reports locked to the GCs, will need to be remade so they reference the new ItemID assigned to the GC.