CA View - SARTDR TADD recovery tape did not work with EAS
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CA View - SARTDR TADD recovery tape did not work with EAS


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Recently, we had to perform a SARTDR TADD to recover 6 reports that had expired on their 7 year retention setting.  The tape was expired, but not written over, so we re-cataloged the tape and performed the TADD on the 6 specific report id's, which was successful. 

However, the LOC field was PTAP and we wanted to Load the reports and mark them PERM to have the ERO evaluate these, as the SARINIT setting is EROPRO=NEW. 

The SAREAS primary task stamped this:

12.31.40 STC00804 *80 IEF455D MOUNT BB1624 ON 8694 FOR SAREAS IEFPROC OR REPLY 'NO'      
   749                     AT LEAST 1 OFFLINE UNIT(S) NEEDED.                            
12.32.05 STC00804  IEF877E SAREAS NEEDS 1 UNIT(S)  750                                   
   750             FOR IEFPROC SAREAS SYS92227                                           
   750             FOR VOLUME U10265                                                     
   750             OFFLINE                                                               

Here is the batch job to perform the /LOAD:

12.32.03 JOB22089  IEF403I TESTLOAD - STARTED - TIME=12.32.03                                 
12.32.04 JOB22089  $HASP375 TESTLOAD ESTIMATED  CARDS EXCEEDED                                
12.32.04 JOB22089  OPS1000O                                                                   
12.36.08 JOB22089  SARTIA09  Sysout group is not on expanded access tape                      
12.36.08 JOB22089  SARTIA09  User: SARPRINT Gen: 6824 Seq: 1 ID: REPORT-R01 TapeSeq: 5363   
12.36.08 JOB22089  SARTIA09  ArchDate: 14/01/18 Database HLQ: VIEW.SYSTEM1 Src: BATCH       
12.39.19 JOB22089  IEF450I TPWEGENL STEP1 - ABEND=S222 U0000 REASON=00000000  896             

If this tape was originally under EAS, why when you perform the SARTDR TADD did it not work after recovered to the database?

Though SARPAC can be used to have the tape work again, if we use SARTDR TADD to recover a lot of tapes, is used of SARPAC required?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


After a tape is re-cataloged and then a SARTDR /TADD is to be done, you need to specify UNIT on the /TADD statement, to reference the UNIT name used for the tape:


 . Note: The UNIT specified on the /TADD would be what is defined in the STORGRP0 unit name. 

With that, the index's tape record would get marked with unit of "unit".  

The unit name can be cross-referenced with EAS access. 

When a tape is re-cataloged, View does not pick up the UNIT, just the device type. 

Here is what the View Reference Guide shows for the /TADD statement:

 . UNIT=uuuuuuuu
 . . Specifies an optional one- to eight character unit name.
 . STORGRP=ssssssss
 . . Specifies an optional one- to eight character storage group name.
 . Note: STORGRP and UNIT must be specified if reports are to be eligible for Expanded Access Server of Tape (SAREAS).

For tapes generated from SARINIT STORGRP0, you would not need STORGRP on the /TADD statement. 

The need for including UNIT on the /TADD statement also depends on what is defined in the SARINIT EASTNAM1, EASTNAM2 and EASTNAM3 parameters. 

If, for instance, defined is EASTNAM1=LEAS/unit, then the tape would need to be added with /TADD DDNAME=... UNIT=unit.