Does UIM 20.3 Operator Console (OC) support SLM?
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Does UIM 20.3 Operator Console (OC) support SLM?


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I do have SLM admin and SLM view permissions.  However, on the UIM 20.3 OC, I do not see the SLM option listed. Please advise.


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - SLA_ENGINE


- SLM was not implemented until after 20.3.0.


UIM 20.3 (20.3.0) did not include SLM. SLA/SLM was subsequently released as part of the Operator Console installer in UIM 20.3.1. 

So, if you are still running 20.3.0, you would have to upgrade. Note that you can upgrade directly from UIM 20.3.0 to the UIM 20.3.3 June 2021 release.

Supported upgrade paths are listed at the url below:

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