REVMGR-20098: Unable to get exchange rate
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REVMGR-20098: Unable to get exchange rate


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Clarity PPM On Premise



We have a Multi-Currency configuration with only one active currency code, therefore we do not have any foreign exchange rates defined.

We only have one active currency, so why are we getting the error message? We checked all configuration and all appears to be correct.

I am attempting to create a Voucher Transaction Entry and I receive the following error:

REVMGR-20098:Unable to get exchange rate

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Use an implementation with Multi-Currency option 
  2. In Administration, Financial Management: Setup - set up required configuration 
  3. In main application, set up resources with active financial properties and create a project with Financial Status = Open 
  4. Create a Voucher Transaction Entry
  5. Click 'Submit' button

Expected Result: Entry is saved
Actual Result: REVMGR-20098:Unable to get exchange rate


In reviewing the configuration, we discovered the Project Financial Properties page was missing the Department and Location OBS Unit values. When the end-user attempted to create the voucher transaction, the 'Cost' and 'Rate' fields were left blank so that the application would pick up the cost and rate from the Rate Matrix defined on the Project Financial Properties page. Because the Department and Location OBS units were not configured, the application could not determine the Entity which specifies the appropriate currency code to use for calculating the 'cost' and 'rate' values from the matrix.

When performing the same steps in a Single Currency system the correct error message appears:

REVMGR-20822:Investment is missing Location/Department data

REVMGR-20098:Unable to get exchange rate : This error can also occur if the date range of the defined Rate Matrix does not cover the entire date range of the investment .




Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


When entering Voucher Transaction Entries, check the following configuration:

  1. Home, Resources, Open the Resource Financial Properties and check that the properties are defined and 'active'
  2. Home, Projects, Financial Properties, set the following fields
    Department, Location, Financial Status = Open, Rate Source and Cost Source for all resource types, and Exchange Rate Type
  3. Administration, Financial Management: Setup, Foreign Exchange Rates
    In a Multi-Currency setup, check exchange rates 'To' and 'From' rows and effective dates and be sure to define exchange rates for 'Average' Type in addition to any desired Exchange Rate Type.
  4. Also ensure that the date range of the Rate Matrix defined which the Investment is using covers the entire date range of the Investment.  

Additional Information:

Reference TEC489449 : Exchange Rate Types and their usages